New Mama On The Block

New Mama On The Block

Mama Nors Kitchen opened in the first week of April and the store was passed on to the Pua family/Mama Nors by Cuzina Ca – a great blessing. Prior to the new storefront, Mama Nors’ catering business operated of their house and wanted to move a bigger location due to growing demand for Mama Nors’ food. It all started with Mama Nors’ special atchara as the single food item that gave rise to their new food business.

Noralyn Pua has been in Winnipeg for 24 years. As an immigrant, she decided to not pursue her accounting career, and instead stay at home to take care of her first 2 children while her husband, David worked in the USA on a cruise ship. She has always loved preparing and cooking food for her family.

She has been cooking ever since she was young in the Philippines – trying out different recipes and mixing ingredients to make it perfect. Her cooking experience developed by taking care of her siblings and parents in Cavite City, Philippines. Nora is a self-taught cook!

David also plays a huge role in Mama Nors’ Kitchen. Noralyn’s companion and number 1 supporter. He has many backgrounds from being an architect to being a food and beverage manager on the Carnival Cruise Ship. He is a great help to Mama Nors and amazing father figure for his children. Mama Nors’ business derived from a side passion.

Noralyn and David are proud full time foster parents, dedicated to teaching family values, rights, and the love of God. Attending several events, parties, social gatherings etc. inspired me to start cooking more for friends and family as a hobby.

Selling atchara bottles was the way we fundraised for this event and then further developed into making more Filipino ulams and desserts for their meet ups.

David Pua remarked, “This all comes from the passion to cook and the servant hood spirit God has given me. It is a blessing to see so many families come into the kitchen and enjoy it with their loved ones. As being the only cook in this kitchen, the passion God has given me and the happiness from customers is keeps me going when I get overwhelmed with many orders. All the Glory belongs to God.”

Mama Nors is located at 642 Leila and on Facebook.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal

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